About Elise

"We must provide the tools for our children in order for each of them to thrive. While stress is sometimes inevitable, our goal as educators should be to ease stress as much as possible in order to create lifelong learners."


The Catholic University of America, 2016
Master of Arts, Early Childhood Special Education

The Catholic University of America, 2010 
Bachelor of Music, Musical Theatre

Teaching Experience

Elise holds a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Special Education. She has experience working with all ages, as well as with children with physical and developmental disabilities. She was a literacy tutor for children with Down syndrome and has also worked with pre-teens and teenagers with various developmental disabilities through the work of SPRED in Chicago.

Her classroom work was in a first-grade classroom, as well as a preschool classroom. She has directed both middle school musicals and high school plays. Making a difference in any child's life is of the utmost importance to her.

Her strength lies in English, editing, and proofreading. She understands how important each step of the writing process is and helps to break them down for any struggling students.

She likes to meet students at their ability level where reading is concerned and then work upward from there. Having a baseline is extremely important. With a background in musical theatre, she enjoys bringing drama into the storytelling aspect of reading. This helps students improve their reading comprehension while making reading a fun activity for those who may be resistant.

Elise has worked directly with children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia & Down syndrome. She works with various populations, including students who have returned to school after many years off who might need some reminders and refinement in how to properly cite sources and work through papers. 

Admissions and Enrollment Experience

Elise entered the world of admissions and enrollment at the university level after accepting a position at her alma mater. She participated in the Admission Training Institute, hosted by the Enrollment Management Association, and delighted in the collaboration and wealth of knowledge provided. Recently, Elise completed the Financial Aid Training Series through The Enrollment Management Association. Through her work in admissions, and early freelance work as a college counselor and tutor, she realized her passion and talent for outplacement of high school students as they embark on their college selection journey.

As Enrollment Coordinator for the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at The Catholic University of America, Elise interfaced with prospective students and families on a daily basis. She attended multiple college fairs throughout the year, meeting various college reps from around the country and learning more about all program offerings. As the Assistant Director of Admission at Browne Academy, Elise continued her professional development on the admission side of the table, processing and reviewing all applications and the steps within the application process. Elise also served as the High School Placement Coordinator for the eighth grade students and families. She worked with the high school placement team to guide parents and students through the high school application and admission process, a process very similar to the college application process. She coached students through high school interview and visit techniques, helped prepare application materials, and answered any questions each individual family might have throughout the process.

Additionally, Elise served as an Outside Reader for George Washington University. She reviewed college applications from high school students and transfers and gained ample knowledge of what universities look for in their applications. Elise knows the importance of a strong, well-rounded application, as well as how to make it stand out from the pile.

Elise believes that each child learns differently and deserves an education that best suits him or her. Throughout the high school and college search process for any student, she takes the time to get to know each individual student and family personally so we can appropriately select schools that best fit their interests and needs.